Gliding like a bird above the mountains and experiencing the perfect feeling of flying at breath-taking height . . .

. . . Is this something you have been dreaming of? Yes, then just put on the pilot vest and clip it - right from the start there will be excitement and plenty of adrenaline! The view of the valley gives an impression of things ahead:
A flight of extreme delight! In lying or sitting position you glide like an eagle, passing closely by trees or just being up in the air, gliding above the landscape! Wind streams around your ears and your heart beats faster. No matter where your TRIP leads you: over a forest clearing or starting at a snowy summit cross – the zipline is an unforgettable experience for the young and the old.



  • Speed up to 150 km/h
  • Ride length up to 2,5 km
  • Diverse lines side by side possible
  • Diverse sections possible
  • Different speed respective brake systems
  • Capacity: 20-50 pph and per line
  • Operation day & night
  • Operation in sun & rain
  • Operation in Winter with ice & snow to -15°
  • Operation to 15 m/s wind velocity
  • TÜV approved, designed on int. standards
  • Plausibility-Check


Speed Up to 150 km/h Minimum Age 8 years
Lines Diverse lines side by side possible Minimum Height 130 cm
Sections Diverse sections possible Weight 30-130 Kg
Ride-Length Up to a length of 2,5 km Applications Mountains, Cities, Halls, Buildings, cruise ships, leisure parks...
Capacity 20-50 pph and per line Windcontrol Controlling of wind velocity & wind direction at any station
Ride-Positions sitting or lying Temperaturecontrol Temperaturcontrol at any station
Day & Night Operation possible Data-Log Journey-Time & Amount of rides
Sun & Rain Operation possible Safety Concept Ridemonitoring via safety-SPS according to TÜV (safety certificate)
Snow & Ice Operation possible to -15° Display All relevant parameters are shown at any station
Wind Velocity Operation possible up to 15 m/s Start-System Single Start Mode / Multi Start Mode
Plausibility-Check Feasibility / Operation / Backhaul Brake-System Divers kinds of brake systems / -modes