The planned amusement Ride is a battery operated monorail coaster.

The carriageway consists of a HEB steel girder mounted on I-beam columns. These supports are anchored by means of spiral anchors or pegs in the ground. If this anchorage is not possible everywhere, the foundation is based on the quiver foundation. On this roadway several vehicles are mounted with 2 seats, which accelerate downhill by gravity and reduce the speed on an opposite slope again. An electric drive drives the vehicle up the opposite slope and makes a 180 degree turn. At the turning point, the car is accelerated again by gravity towards the starting point and reduces the speed on the opposite slope and returns to the starting point by means of an electric drive. The passengers get off at the starting point again.



  • Maximum speed downhill: up to 100 KM / h
  • Drive speed uphill: 1.5m / sec (10 KM / h)
  • Total length uphill about 140 meters
  • Capacity: up to 200 persons / h
  • Vehicles with 2 seats
  • Up to 7 vehicles on the line possible
  • Summer & winter suitable
  • Max. Acceleration: Up to 3G