Gliding over the mountains like a bird and landing safely again – who hasn’t dreamed of it?

Pilots have been thrilled with the flight simulator “Sky Glider” all over the mountains. Whether the flight is through a section of the forest or starts at a snow covered peak, the Sky Glider leaves lasting impressions on families, the young and the young at heart!



  • Speed downhill up To 85 km/h
  • Speed uphill up to 55 km/h
  • Flight Length of 450 - 900 m
  • Altitude from 10 - 300 hm
  • Capacity is from 60 to 80 pph
  • Up to 4 Passengers per Flight

Technical Specifications

Max. Speed Downhill up to 85 km/h Haul-Rope Ø13mm, zinc-coated, as used in ropeways
Max. Speed Uphill up to 55 km/h Track-Rope Ø 28mm, zinc-coated, as used in ropeways
Flight-Length 450 - 900 m Steel Construction zinc-coated, up to 15m Pillars
Altitude 10 - 300 m Insert of the Rope Discs Made out of Robalon © or Becorit ©
Capacity 60-80 pph LAN Connection Operator Cabin is connected to the Control Unit in the Drive Station, No Connection between Top- and Bottom Station needed
Persons per Ride Max. 4 Persons per Ride Operator Cabin Operator Cabin is connected to the Control Unit in the Drive Station
Operation Day & Night, Sunshine or Rain, Operation until -15° Control Unit Control Unit uses Safety Inputs of Pilz ©. Specially developed Software and Internet Remote Support help Operating
Safety Certificate TÜV approved according EN13814, designed on International Standards Drive-Unite Drive-Unit 150KW inverter Controlled. (Including a wear-resistant brake.)
Merchandising Sell action photos via a photo-booth Boarding & Exit Area The Boarding & Exit Area are laid-out on Rubber Mats, which rest on Zinc Coated Grids.
Lightning Concept Let us develop a special lightning concept Maintenance Low Maintenance Costs
Roof Over & Optical Highlight Build a Roof-Over for Protection as well as a Optical Highlight Minimum Height for Passengers 130 cm
Rope Tensions and Safety Disc Rope Tensions and Safety Disc Brake using Hydraulic.
Harness / Sizes 4 sizes (from130cm to 210 cm)